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Julian Burdock
10x British Blues Awards nominee
Winner of Blues & Soul Show Award for innovation 2016
Winner of New Brunswick Battle of the Blues 2011
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The Julian Burdock & Danny del Toro show is a melting pot of musical diversity that overflows with influences and styles from boot stomping bottleneck blues to funk including many original compositions.

The Burdock del Toro experience features the amazing guitar playing and strong heartfelt vocals of Julian Burdock (frontman od 5 times British Blues Awards nominated band, 24 PESOS) mixed with the fantastic and soulful harmonica playing of Danny del Toro.

After meeting and jamming together at London's top jazz and blues night club, Ronnie Scott's, they decided to get together and record "Double Dare", an 11 track cd packed full of stories and tales about desparate folks and hard times, whisky, drinking, hellraisers and personal interpretations of songs by some of the greatest blues masters who ever lived, all... of course... delivered in that unique BDT punchy style!!!

Since its release in 2014 "Double Dare" has received many rave reviews enabling the duo to tour the UK, Spain, Germany 2014/15.

The Burdock & del Toro experience is an amazing duo who's ability to electrify and move an audience is unique and unstoppable always keeping the music raw, exciting and rootsy with an on-stage energy and presence that is never short of 180%. Sometimes it's good to cross over to the other side of the railroad tracks… to that house where your mamma told you never to go! - Web design: Jonás Molina 2015

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